“Airplane” Flight 1009

You can see the blurb to the right of the entrance.

You can see the blurb to the right of the entrance.

I flew United on my way home from Knoxville this weekend. And once I stepped out onto the tarmac, I was shocked to see NO branding whatsoever on the airplane itself. Oh… there WAS the statement “Operated by Mesa Airlines” in about a 250pt font next to the stairs that I noticed once I reached the doorway.

I wondered(perhaps a silly thought) did united borrow this airplane from someone else? Or did they steal it? Maybe they have just recently bought it from another airline? Did it have something to do w/ my purchasing my tickets from Travelocity? Hmm. It wasn’t until I boarded the plane that I thought to myself, “Have NO idea what airline I’m on.” Especially since I’d seen a Delta luggage conveyor belt loading bags into the belly of the plane. I figured I was safe since I’d followed same crowd from our gate onto the plane, and it was the closest plane to us as we stepped onto the tarmac.

But it struck me as I sat there waiting to take off, “It’s probably not a good thing for a customer who’s 3/4 of the way through the customer experience to have any doubt what brand they are using, is it?”

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3 comments on ““Airplane” Flight 1009
  1. Mike says:

    This is an excellent case for–at least visual identity–in branding and customer experience. What a strange thing to have happen… especially during the time of heightening awareness concerning the bottom-line value of a properly designed customer experience.

    Could this be the generic jet we’ve all been waiting for? The el-cheapo, minimal overhead jet-x with the promise of lower fairs? Was your fair lower? I’m picturing the plain white cereal box marked “Corn Flakes”… and the giant Boeing 777 marked “Extra-Large Commuter Jet”.

  2. Mike says:

    Or of course, like your title reads… “Airplane”. 😀 I wonder how the lowest fair airlines could possibly compete against Airplane brand Airlines.

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