Microsoft’s dual personalities. One of them’s gotta go.

Microsoft doesn’t need two logos, but that’s not going to stop them from making things interesting (in the worst possible way).

Microsoft, you just got a sweet new logo a few months ago–which BTW is the best visual you’ve produced in … well, ever(?). It’s simple. It’s immediately obvious. It actually looks like a window. It makes sense. I was so proud of you guys.


Then you go and eff it up. Well that was a short honeymoon. It’s like you’ve just gone and had an affaid with Helen Thomas. You’re stabbing your new beautifully flattened window symbol in the back! Giving your Windows 8 symbol perspective? What were you thinking!? I know the Windows 8 logo was released long before the new Microsoft logo, but lose the crap perspective! No doubt some guy up the ladder complained that a flat mark just wasn’t ‘interesting’ enough, so you added some interest. Yeah, perspective’s always a good (cheap) ‘fix’. And why do you need 2 different abstract logo marks? I’ll answer that for you. You don’t.

I’m doing you a favor, throwing you a bone here: lose the perspective from your logo and icons. Yes I mean these sweet little gems:

Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 11.19.01 PM


Please, just follow Google (I’m so glad they actually hired a designer or two over the last couple years).

office 2

I mean, you’re half way there already, MS. Just take the plunge. Kill the trapezoids with the letter and show the hidden portion of the graphic.


Lose it.

Not only are you betraying your logo, but the perspective doesn’t tie in with your Windows Phone user interface at all.

Imagine with me … Say I’m about to use a Surface (which I would never do, but for the sake of this argument … wait a minute. Let’s say you pick up a Surface. I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy — mmm, maybe I would. Just bear with me here.). You pick up the Surface …


… and see the current Windows 8 perspective logo.


Then you hop onto the device and see the flat boxes in a grid. That’s weird. Why don’t they have at least some perspective? The white icons within the squares aren’t in perspective. C’mon. Oversight anyone?


Contrast  that with picking up the Surface and seeing flat squares of a Windows 8 logo. Then, jumping into the UI feels consistent. Flat, grid logo. Flat, grid UI. Ditch the perspective. She’s a ho. Next.

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