Lucky Number (iOS) 7?

I’ve put up with a sub-par iOS long enough. I’m sure iOS feature wish lists are all over the (mobile) web, but I’d like to share with you a list of some improvements/updates I’d like to see Apple implement (and I’m just scratching the surface):

  1. Let us email more than 5 pics at a time
  2. Let us email video clips longer than 54 seconds
  3. Let us email a photo and a video clip in the same email
  4. Give us unlimited tabs in Mobile Safari
  5. Add wishlist-functionality, reminders, etc to the App Store like AppShopper (that you pulled)
  6. Add recommendations/related to the App Store like Discovr
  7. Show ratings in the Mac OS App Store
  8. Let us have more than 11 screens
  9. Allow to turn off the “locking” when swiping from screen to screen
  10. Let us create more than 2 reminders for a Calendar event
  11. Let us create precise reminders in Calendar instead of limiting us to presets. Do it like Fantastical.
  12. For “Location” in the Calendar , allow to autofill contact names and add their address
  13. Let us have seconds in the Timer Clock
  14. Let us turn off the “New” badge on the App icons
  15. Allow iOS Spotlight to search the App Store, since we often use Spotlight to find apps on our phones
  16. Make the App Store search smart with “do you mean” functionality. For instance if a user types “constitxtion”, it autocorrects to “constitution”
  17. Offer vid (even audio?) speed controls
  18. Folders within folders
  19. Allow music controls on lock screen to control 3rd-party music apps
  20. Allow sound to play when in sleep mode
  21. Group conversation in Mail
  22. Let us call and text from phone# field
  23. Let us search my Purchased Apps
  24. Show date and day of the week in the top bar
  25. Save a contact’s pic to the homescreen with call, text, or FaceTime action. See “Onetap” app
  26. Underline misspelled words while autocorrect is turned off
  27. Allow lock screen and home screen to rotate to horizontal mode
  28. replace ugly print, copy, use as wallpaper icons
  29. If I’ve set a password, let me not show the swipe to unlock function
  30. On the lock screen make the camera icon clickable; don’t make me swipe it – swiping takes more time/thought/care!

If you agree and would like to “encourage” Apple to implement these (or your own changes) in future iOS updates, please feel free to send to

Basically, Apple, you need to take a bunch of 3rd-party apps and either buy them out, or straight up copy them, fools.

What would you like to see in the next iOS update? (Leave a comment)

[When I find time, I plan to update and provide sketchy mockups as well.]

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