Blütüth USB Bluetooth headset

A couple or few years back I sent this design to a friend (minus the retractable USB socket). Instead it had an exposed socket. Well, it looks like Bluetrek did it with their BIZZ headset. So I thought, “Dang it, ok how can this be made even better?”

Below are two different options (with a saddle volume button added). And I suppose the retraction switch could go on the underside toward the mic if it won’t work on the bottom option where it’s placed on the side, though it looks like it would work.

USB Bluetooth headset earpeice

The USB socket is retractable. The moving part is interior. There’s no external part flopping around (as is with their existing design). I also like that this can be handled with a single hand in stead of two meaning it’s potentially faster to use.

Now, where to manufacture? 🙂

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